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SleepTalk® / The Goulding Process: My story

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My reason for embarking on my SleepTalk® training is very much a personal one.

In 2016, my beautiful first born - Sofia Kate (or 'Sosi' as she is known to everyone) - arrived to us in a bit of a whirlwind. After what was a textbook pregnancy, we found out a few days before her birth that she was going to look a little different to other children.

She was born with a condition called cystic hygroma. For the layperson, her lymphatic system didn't develop properly, leaving her with a very large cyst on her face and neck. Surgery has not been an option for her and I knew, therefore that she would have to be that little bit more resilient than many of her peers.  

Despite the shock of this unknown and rare condition (that would now be my Mastermind specialist subject!), I knew that Sosi had the right parents to equip her with the life skills that would hold her in good stead; health conditions aside, raising and supporting an emotionally resilient person (persons , if you include the little sister who came after her!) who was able to contend with the challenges that life would bring, was essential to me. 

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My Sosi, now five, is a confident and resilient child who is not fazed by the challenges that are thrown her. Her beautiful and sunny disposition is evident for all to see and I am truly proud of the person that she is becoming, despite a very difficult start to her life. 

SleepTalk® has been a wonderful gift to me at just the right time. Feedback that I get from parents and guardians consistently is that they feel like a better parent as a result of using this gentle process. I can identify with this and it was one of the lovely knock on effects. 


So, what is SleepTalk®?

SleepTalk® is an evidence based and proven parent solution which takes 2 minutes per night whilst your child sleeps. The results are impactful and support lasting change. This process has been described as ‘the two minute gift that lasts a lifetime’

SleepTalk®  has had phenomenal results  over the last 45 years. It is an evidence based process that has proven to be a safe and easy  parent’s solution to overcome and address a wide range of childhood challenges. 

The process, taking only minutes every night is completely non-intrusive; it  empowers parents to reconnect with their children, improving and overcoming their children’s challenges, unhelpful behaviours and habits. It also develops communication between parents and their children.

Once taught and applied correctly, using SleepTalk® takes only a few minutes a night. The results can be outstanding & life-changing for many families.  

Please get in touch today to find out how SleepTalk® may help you and your family. My initial consult is always offered on a complimentary basis.