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Loving Kindness meditation

I don’t believe there’s ever enough kindness. It’s something we can all benefit from either receiving or paying forward. I was reminded of that when I was going through my materials earlier this week.

I found this recording that I made for a meditation group I was working with some time back. It is based on the beautiful Buddhist meditation – Loving Kindness (Or Metta Bhavana – literally meaning ‘love development’ in the Pali language). It is an incredibly powerful meditative practice; people who practice this beautiful meditation on a regular basis report feeling greater capacity for forgiveness, for self love and for love for others. Win win all round!!

The meditation itself is split into five parts. It starts by directing love to yourself. Then to a loved one. It moves on to guiding you to direct love towards someone who is neutral to you. The next part is arguably more challenging as it is about sending loving kindness to someone with whom you may have a challenging relationship with. The meditation finishes by guiding you to send waves of loving kindness out into the world to all living beings.

I have attached the recording below and I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, I’d love you to ‘like’ my page and please feel free to share with your friends or those who you feel may benefit from listening to it. Thanks so much for listening. Amy

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